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CommentsTrack - Specification

1. Document History


0.1......17Aug04..Jan Piotrowski.....First Draft
0.2......19Aug04..Helge Fahrnberger..Small changes, Workarounds added
0.3......20Aug04..Helge Fahrnberger..Workaround A3 added

2. Abstract

CommentsTrack can help you to keep track of all comments that you post anywhere on the web and of what people reply. It creates one simple RSS or atom feed that you can easily monitor with your favorite feed reader. It is a technology aimed to make your life in the web and blogosphere easier and more comfortable, and to make discussions in weblogs more lively. The CommentsTrack technology might also be used to track discussions in discussion board software (BBS) or to monitor discussions without having participated yet.

3. Terminology

4. Functional Goals and Aims

5. Technical Goals and Aims

6. Notes

7. How it works, Simple Overview

8. Technical Details

9. Problems

A. Lag problem
The original concept was to transmit the entire comment information (title, permalink, author, excerpt) to the CT-script everytime a new comment is posted. However, many comments mean many CT-Script-URIs -> many pings -> takes very long to post comment -> lag
Example: 150 comments, 1 seconds per comment + 2 failing CT-Script-URIs per 30 seconds

10. Problem Workaround Approaches

A1. Manual feed-update

Pros & Cons:

A2. Centralized CommentsTrack service

Pros & Cons:

A3. Time Stamp Only

Pros & Cons:

11. Based on

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