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Spec 0.4 not yet finished, just working on it. So far, have a look at spec 0.3 and at the existing feedback in weblogs.

CommentsTrack - Specification - Working Draft, v0.4

Document History

Version .. Date ..... Name ............... Changes

0.1 ...... 17Aug04 .. Jan Piotrowski ..... First Draft
0.2 ...... 19Aug04 .. Helge Fahrnberger .. Small changes, Workarounds added
0.3 ...... 20Aug04 .. Helge Fahrnberger .. Workaround A3 added
0.4 ...... 07Sep04 .. Jan Piotrowski ..... Complete revision


CommentsTrack can help you to keep track of discussions anywhere on the web. It allows you to collect all the comments that you post and what people reply to them. Data of monitored discussions is merged into a format of your choice so you can easily access it.

Discussions could be comments in a weblog or a thread in a discussion board software, as an output format there could be used RSS to be monitored with your favorite feed reader, a thread-like webpage to view with your browser or email to read in your email-application. The CommentsTrack technology might also allow you to monitor discussions without having participated yet. It is a technology aimed to make your life in the web and blogosphere easier and more comfortable, and to make discussions in weblogs more lively.

The impulse to develop CommentsTrack was the need to get informed about replies on comments in a weblog. It was impossible to visit all the weblogs to watch for new replies, so we had to find a solution.


Functional Goals and Aims

Technical Goals and Aims


- Not yet worked on text below -

How it works, Simple Overview

Technical Details

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